Two's Company

Snowman Marshmallow Toppers and Peppermint Candy Cane Stirrers

$3.99 $15.95

This set includes delicious vanilla flavored snowman marshmallow toppers and peppermint candy cane stirrers to create the best hot chocolate ever. Use them in hot chocolate, to top cupcakes or enjoy right out of the box.

Gift packed perfect for gifting.
Set includes 6 vanilla flavored marshmallows toppers and 6 candy canes.
Each candy is individually wrapped for freshness.

Snowman are approximately 2.5" in diameter.
Candy Cane Sticks are approximately 5.5" x .25" in diameter.
Box is 6.75" x  7" x 1.5".

Please note: The BEST BY date for this candy is 5/29/24.