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The Mindful Kids Activity Book

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60 Playful Projects, Games, and Exercises to Make Friends with Your Feelings.

An adorable activity book to help kids learn about anger, anxiety, and stress and how to deal with these challenging emotions.

Bright and cheerful illustrations present a variety of mazes, puzzles, collages, and coloring activities to uncover ways for kids to process their anger, anxiety, and stress. By following the critters’ narratives–and playing the fun games sprinkled throughout–your child will learn how they can calm their anger, concentrate, and relax–healthier and happier alternatives to letting big feelings get the best of them.

By Louison Nielman
Illustrated by Thierry Manès
Translated by Sarah Ardizzone
Published by Bala Kids
84 Pages.
8.5" x 10".
Recommended for ages 3-7 years.