Two Left Feet

Aunt Deloris House Slippers - Adult

$17.81 $20.95

Known for dishing out the juiciest neighborhood gossip, making a stiff drink and rocking slippers louder than her win on Bingo Night, everyone’s favorite whacky aunt inspires these fun flip flops from Two Left Feet!

Made with non-slip padded soles, these crazy comfy house shoes are the perfect kicks for setting your hot rollers and laying out by the pool - martini not included. Ya lookin’ good tootz! 

Super soft, absorbent microfiber.
Cushy non-slip soles.
4 crazy colorful styles: Fineapple, Feline Frisky, Ready To Flamingle, Wild Mama.
2 sizes: Small Feet (4-6), Large Feet (7-9).