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In Appreciation of Teachers

In Appreciation of Teachers

Who was that teacher in your life who led you to who you are now? Mine was Mrs. Mohgrabi, my 7th and 8th grade choir teacher. She gave me my voice. I don’t mean my literal voice, obviously, but I mean, my confidence to speak up and say what I mean, or sing loud even if I’m off key.  Yes, she did give me my first singing solo ever (the first 2 lines in Circle of Life from The Lion King—for those who were wondering), and probably had no idea the karaoke fanatic she would create. She instilled in me the love of song, of not being scared to be passionate about what you were doing, and to be respectful and kind to others (no matter their talent level). She used to tell us to sing out, that she couldn’t hear the wrong note if she couldn’t hear US. Loud and proud she would exclaim! I never forgot that. She also took no sass WHATSOEVER. Her head would turn at the quietest groan or complaint said under your breath. She didn’t tolerate disrespect; not of her, or us disrespecting our fellow classmates. She was uncannily dialed in to her students. I remember, more than anything, that feeling of not wanting to let her down.

Teachers are amazing human beings.  They give and give, and the lucky students, hopefully, take and take, to later be enriched and educated.  I almost think it’s a little sad that we don’t quite know the impact they have on our lives until much later.  Or maybe we just can’t appreciate it as much until later.  I know I never thanked Mrs. M enough. I don’t think I ever told her “Good Job” or “Keep going-you almost got it.” Those words of encouragement that teachers so often give students, to keep them engaged and encouraged. 

Who does this for our teachers?

Mrs. M, and her many lessons, led me to a life where I am passionate about what I’m doing, the causes I take up, who I am, and yes, karaoke (live band karaoke is the best!). It’s exciting to be able to give a little back through our Teachers Rule Educator Appreciation night on Tuesday, May 7, at 7:00pm, at ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE. 

Teachers, please come and mingle with other teachers, enjoy some beer from Dovetail Brewery, keep an eye out for Mister Danny and his magic tricks, grab a snack, grab a tasting from Vom Fass, win a prize, and shop till you drop! We are excited to share our store with you and show you some genuine love and appreciation!

Teachers: You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! THANK YOU!

A former student of Mrs. Mohgrabi at Wickliffe Middle School