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Awesome Product Spotlight: HAPPY SPRITZ

Awesome Product Spotlight: HAPPY SPRITZ

HAPPY SPRITZ is a collection of modern essential oil products created for both men and women. They combine the functionality and simplicity of essential oils with a modern and minimal design aesthetic. HAPPY SPRITZ believes that truly natural, cruelty free and non-toxic products should be available to everyone.

- 100% natural ingredients
- Plant based, high quality, steam distilled therapeutic grade essential oils
- 100% vegan and kosher ingredients
- Recyclable packaging - always package in glass, never plastic
- Many certified organic ingredients
- No alcohol, parabens, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, SLS, phthalates
- No artificial colors, dyes, ingredients or fillers
- Cruelty Free: No animal ingredients and no animal testing

Happy Spritz is owned and operated by husband and wife team Bram and Michelle Hutchinson in San Clemente, CA.