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Parent Teachers Candle

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The quadratic WHAT?

Kid, I was never that good at math. I failed algebra twice. I'm more of a baking delicious cupcakes/good movie finder type of personality. Can't you just find some random 8-year-old YouTuber halfway around the world to show you how to do it? Because I have to tell you: my head is killing me and I'm on the verge of shouting, "FIELD TRIP!"

2019 Nostalgia (Green Spring) Scented

Fragrance blends match each concept and corresponding Whiskey River Soap Co. soap.
Approximately 17 oz.
60 hours burn time.

100% soy wax
4" glass diameter x 2.5".

Note: Because all of Whiskey River Soap candles are handmade, no two are identical.