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Trust The Triangle Fortune Telling Pocket Gal Pal Deck


Your emergency Gal Pal is here to advise you on problems great and small—just ask the cards, and all will be revealed!

Fashion faux pas, dating dilemmas, career crises—whatever life throws you, Pocket Gal Pal has your back! You can count on these cards to tell it like it is, the way a best friend should.

The Trust the Triangle Fortune-Telling Decks combine the fun of personality quizzes with the power of fortune-telling. Here's how they work: Each card in a deck has a question on one side. Pick the one that suits your situation—or that piques your curiosity—and then read the words in each corner of the card. Pick the word or phrase that you most identify with, flip the card over, and read the fortune on the back of the card that corresponds to your choice!

This affordable little deck makes the perfect add-on gift, self-purchase, or stocking stuffer. Get it for your BFF—if you ca n't pick up her call from ella, she can always turn to POCKET GAL PAL for advice!

POCKET GAL PAL is sassy and playful, insightful and fun. This deck offers a down-to-earth take on fortune-telling. It's better than a magic eight ball—it's like a cootie catcher for adults.

Pyramids. Pizza. Tri-corner hats. All the best things are shaped like triangles. The triangular boxes for these decks are colorful and distinctive—they are sure to surprise and delight any gift recipient!

51 pages.
3.6" x 1.1" x 3.1".