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TouchWords: Color Cards

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From the bestselling TouchThinkLearn series comes TouchWords: Color Cards—tactile flash cards that make learning colors fun and engaging!

A unique and essential deck of ten cards to teach a dazzling range of colors, explore words and language, and inspire imagination! These ultra-sturdy die-cut cards allow children to experience both colors and words visually and tactilely. A primary image on each card, accompanied by a cluster of related words provides the ideal building blocks for open-ended conversation starters, encouraging children to identify the many colors in the world around them. In addition, each card displays multiple shades of each color allowing these cards to teach an understanding of the richness of the color wheel.

Each card features conversation-starting "word clusters;" shades of color to encourage differentiation skills, and nine everyday objects develop word identification skills.
Essential Learning made possible with these adorable flash cards that feature raised die cut objects and accompanying depressed die-cut color labels allowing toddlers to trace and touch what they are learning!
The color cards are constructed with the same almost 1/8" thickness of our bestselling TouchThinkLearn and TouchWords titles.

10 cards.
6.25" x 8.5" x 1.125".

20 pages.