This Gratitude Journal

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Activities to Help You See the Good that’s All around You.

This guided journal is filled with invitations to take a look around you and notice what it already there. Its thoughtful prompts only take a few minutes to complete and offer opportunities to reflect on everyday wonders. You’ll discover new ways to appreciate who you are, honor where you’ve been, and dream of what is ahead.

Let the journal help you define gratitude in ways that are personally meaningful with simple prompts, such as:

  • Little treats, time to rest, a brand-new box of tea… this is a list of small ways to show appreciation for myself.
  • I want to offer my younger self deep appreciation for their perseverance in _____.
  • This is a list of people I know—friends, family, neighbors, coworkers—whose existence matters deeply to me.

Offers opportunities to reflect on gratitude in six categories: yourself, others, everyday things, big things, what’s been, and what’s to come.

Activities include creating lists, filling in blanks, and writing longer reflections, making the prompts accessible for first-time and seasoned journalers alike.

Written by M.H. Clark.
Designed by Justine Edge.

6.25" x 8.25".
112 pages.