Slow North

Seasonal Frosted Candle

$21.57 $35.95

'Tis the season!

Slow North creates the finest plant-based, soy-wax candles for any space. From their 100% essential oil fragrances to their cotton and paper wicks, their products redefine all-natural luxury.

Vegan and free from artificial dyes and ingredients.
8 Oz.

CHEER: Slow North's custom blend of cinnamon, cypress, and peppermint essential oils - designed to lift and enliven your senses - is minty and sweet; with tones of merriment and festivities and a crisp, cheerful top note.

MERRY + BRIGHT: Slow North's custom blend of northern fir, clementine, and clove essential oils - designed to cheer and uplift your senses - is warm and inviting; with notes of your local tree farm and a cozy, spiced citrus undertone.