Pura Vida Bracelets

Bright Original Bracelet - Midnight Waves


Pura Vida handcrafts the best brand bracelet, providing jobs to artisans making good bracelets and raising awareness for charities.

Bracelet is waterproof. One bracelet for surfing, snowboarding, or even showering. Summer Bracelets & Trendy Bracelets you can enjoy while swimming or boating. The perfect fashion jewelry accessory.

Only good vibes with the good vibes brand, Pura Vida Bracelets. Their aim was to create a charm bracelet that is pura and good. Artisan bracelets.

All Pura Vida brand bracelets have a beautifully iron-coated copper β€œP” charm. Take that bracelet and wear it with other fashionable bracelets.

For bracelet thin, bracelet wide, bracelet large, bracelet small, bracelet big, or bracelet loose, simply adjust. Bracelet has adjustable band from 2"-5" in diameter to fit you perfectly.