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The Gratitude Journal


Practice gratitude every day!

The Gratitude Journal is a place to keep track of life’s daily joys, successes, and moments of beauty. Research shows that engaging in a regular gratitude journal practice counterbalances the negativity we inevitably experience in our lives; gratitude begets more gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal has proven to have tangible physical benefits, too, including lowered stress levels, better sleep, and motivation for more regular exercise. The Gratitude Journal is your in-road to happiness.

Record three things you’re grateful for each day and be mindful of how your appreciation for the world around you grows. With enough space to record a short gratitude list every day for three years, from the little things like a delicious cup of morning coffee to the way your family supports you in times of need, The Gratitude Journal is both a keepsake and a reminder of your life’s gifts, day to day and year to year.