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Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects Book


Fifty Amazing Science Experiments to Make with Everyday Ingredients.

Grab a plate and dig in to 50 exciting science projects that use everyday kitchen items! Perfect for kids ages 8 to 12 interested in STEM, this book makes experimenting safe, easy, and (sometimes) tasty.

This vividly designed book of experiments is perfect for little scientists everywhere with 50 hands-on activities for curious kids with a passion for STEM and STEAM.

Kids can study and snack with experiments like:

  • Unicorn Noodles
  • Instant Ice Cream
  • Candy Crystals

Written by Michelle Dickinson, a scientist who studies atomic particles, these precise yet easy-to-follow instructions make mind-blowing science experiments easy for everyone, whether for science fairs or just family fun.

By Dr. Michelle Dickinson.
Middle Grades (8-12 years)
160 Pages.
9" x 11".