Kidzaw Art On-The-Go Art Set

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Projects inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Matisse and more...

Packed perfectly inside the sturdy carrying case/drawing surface are all the supplies you'll need to make brilliant works of art inspired by the included guide book. Discover art history while learning to make art just like the greats! Kidzaw’s Art On-the-Go features a very creatively designed carrying case and all the materials children need to complete 8 projects based on modern artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Henri Matisse.

The projects are designed to be mini-masterpieces that can be created while in the car, a restaurant or plane. The instructional booklet outlines the process for each project while also including educational information on each artist. The carrying case has extra storage for additional art materials and built-in folders so artwork can be saved.

Includes sturdy carrying case that can be used again and again. Instruction Booklet with information on each artist.

Extra storage for finished artwork and additional materials.
12 Oil pastels, 2 Markers and 1 Pencil.
Composition Stencil.
Colored Paper and White Artist’s Paper.
Glue Stick.
Recommended for ages 6 to 106.