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Just Like Daddy Book

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A illustrated day in the life of a little boy and his daddy, this charming picture book paints a gently ironic comparison of how the day unfolds for each of them.

The toddler is filled with glee as he tackles each new challenge, while the dad faces his day with a a more grown-up combination of perseverance and resignation—yet he finds himself inspired by his son's open-hearted optimism. Spreads alternate between perspectives—the little boy's excitement at driving his toy car around compared with his father trying to navigate traffic, for example. The tension is resolved by a transcendent final spread that shows what makes it all worthwhile. In its unvarnished yet loving acceptance of the travails of being a working parent,

Just Like Daddy is a perfect Father's Day gift for today's dads.

By Ovi Nedelcu
9.125 x 11.25 inches.
32 pages.
Hard-cover, full-color images throughout.