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Garden In A Bag - Mom Zinnia Sunflower


Complete to grow kit in a leak-proof bag!

  • MOM (DWARF ZINNIA): Dwarf zinnias are easy to grow beautiful plants with multi petaled flowers that bloom in a variety of bold colors. A growing expression of best wishes to Mom. Zinnias have a long blooming season from spring through autumn. To encourage more blossoms, pinch off old blooms.
  • SUNFLOWER: Complete kit containing everything you need to grow mini Sunflowers {Helianthus annuus} in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors, year-round, directly in the leak-proof bag. Named after the flower's resemblance to the sun, Helianthus is derived from two Greek words, helio sun and anthos flower. This mini-sunflower is a French dwarf variety that is easy to grow.

Each complete to grow kit in a leak-proof bag. Includes: seed, OMRI listed soil, OMRI coconut husks for drainage, & directions.
7" x 6" bag.
Made in United States of America.