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Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two


The the perfect prompted journal for duos of all kinds to unwind, unplug, and spend time together.

With this journal, couples or best friends can create a time capsule of their relationship. Do One Thing Every Day Together provides a number of prompts, with enough space for two people to jot down a short response. The journal offers a variety of questions; you can answer many individually, though some may address the relationship or suggest writing something about each other. Both of you can see how your answers compare, contrast, and change as you spend time reflecting on yourselves together.

By Robie Rogge and Dian G. Smith.
368 pages.
Approximately 6" x 4.75".
Robie Rogge is a New York City-based packager who has created many successful guided journals and novelty products including the best-selling Do One Thing Every Day journal series.
Dian G. Smith is a freelance writer, public school teacher, and author whose books include Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You and Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy.