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Dad Jokes Book


Q: Why is that baby still in diapers?

A: I’ll give you two reasons: number one and number two.

Congrats, Dad! Someone in your life thinks you’re hilarious. Or corny. Or hilariously corny. No matter what the occasion, dad jokes are always a terribly good idea. Take a load off, pester your people, and test the eye-rolling patience of your children, who will love to hate your new arsenal of 400+ cringe-worthy crack-ups.

Jam packed with jokes. (Hold the jam). Hundreds of bad = good dad jokes to test around the house, at the office, and out in the world.

Jokes for all! Classically corny puns plus one-liners and Q&As built for dads of all ages and stages. 

For you, Pop. A family-friendly gift to make any dad’s day.

112 Pages.