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Cleocatra Game


Pharaoh’s cats have wandered into the Great Pyramids! Rescue the most cats in this fast-paced and light family strategy game with an Egyptian twist!

In this easy-to-learn puzzle game, 2-4 players strategically place pyramid tiles in order to gather and rescue as many adorable cats as possible. The player who quickly rescues the most royal cats wins! Minimal pieces make this game ideal for on-the-go play, and included expansions offer new twists to the game for endlessly engaging feline fun.

Simply lay tiles to create favorable groupings of cats to rescue, and gain one point for each unique cat rescued. The first to 23 points wins!

This family-friendly strategy game is for players of all levels! The rules are simple enough to explain in ten minutes or less.

Once you’ve mastered the base game of Cleocatra, try the advanced rules with unique cat powers, special Mummy cats, and more, to take your game to the next level!

19 pyramid tiles, 12 Rescuer meeples, 3 Royal Inspector tokens, 4 scoring tokens, score track, and instructions.

2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up, plays in approximately 15 minutes.