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Calm The Chaos Cards


Cultivate more mindfulness and calm the chaos!

These cards will help you practice daily reflection, record gratitude, and set achievable goals. For anyone overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life, this deck is a simple tool to promote calm and well-being.

Includes 65 soothing cards, each featuring an encouraging mantra on the front and a short practice on the back, including exercises for mindfulness, self-care, awareness, grounding, gratitude, and more.

Users can pull one card each morning to center themselves, or pick a few at a time to set a bigger intention for the week.

Perfect gift for anyone trying to balance the busy-ness of their life.

65 cards in a gorgeous foil-stamped box with sliding tray makes this a portable and attractive way to find balance and peace

65 cards.
6" x 3.63" x 1.5".