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Rey and Pals

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What if Rey hadn't grown up all alone on dusty planet Jakku, but instead had a galaxy of friends to play with?

Rey and Pals is a collection of adventures starring young Rey and Kylo, Finn and Poe, Hux and Phasma, Rose and BB-8—all under the watch of Luke, General Leia, Han, and Chewie.

Features an exciting cast of characters (as well as some old friends) from the new Star Wars® film trilogy. Filled with silly antics like Kylo trying to use the Force to cheat at Go Fish, Poe bowling with BB-8, or Rey lifting rocks to play hide and seek.
Includes fan favorites like R2, Yoda, and 3-PO.

By Jeffrey Brown.
64 Pages.
6.5 x 6.5.