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Artisan Secret Message Candle - I Love Mom


I love that you're my mom.

The Artisan Secret Message Candle is much more than just a candle. It brings double the enjoyment! You’ll love how the soy wax candle is scented with uplifting essential oils and burns evenly. However, once the wax burns away, a sweet secret message appears! Wipe the wax clean and now you have a trinket bowl that can be used for virtually anything. It’s just the right size for jewelry or any small item on your desk to help keep you organized.

To be sure your secret message remains a secret, remove the special tab on the outside of the packaging before gifting.

Gardenia, a sweet, fresh floral scent.
Candle burns for 20 hours.
4" diameter.
Single lead free natural fiber wick.
Soy wax blend with cotton (lead free) wick, Ceramic container.
Designed with love by Natural Life in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.