Once Upon A Time Storytelling Kit

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A Storytelling Kit for Making Family Memories into Tales!

Thereโ€™s a special, hidden place between you and your child. A world of memory where stories magically take shape as you live and grow together. This is the place where tales come to life: tall tales, true tales, tales of bravery and strength, and tales of friendship and enchanted moments. And like all the best-told stories, they get better and better over time.

This captivating storytelling kit includes 20 illustrated cards to prompt the telling of family memories and also includes a companion storybook to capture every tale. Step into the world that you and your child know best: your very own Once Upon a Time.

A wonderful gift to be completed with children ages 3-7.

Lidded box with drawer, 20 cards, and a keepsake journal.
Approximately 8"x 2.25" x 5.5".
Cards are 5.5" x 4".