Grandpa Joe's Candy

Flaming Anus Candy Bar

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Set your taste buds... and other body parts... ablaze with the spicy, chocolatey sensation of Flaming Anus!

Crafted with a dash of insanity, this chocolate bar is for thrill-seekers and spice enthusiasts alike.

Although it isn't as hot as the World's Hottest Chocolate Bar, its terrifying 2.2 million Scoville units are enough to ignite a fire in your mouth and make you question your life choices. Harboring a chaotic fusion of sweet and heat, the chocolatey flavor is quickly overshadowed by one of the hottest peppers in the world, the Carolina Reaper.

It only takes a couple of bites to send you into a crescendo of spice that overwhelms your senses and condemns you to the bathroom. As to whether the bar lives up to its name… you’ll find out soon enough.

WARNING: Consume at your own risk. This chocolate bar is extremely spicy and has the potential to cause skin, mouth and/or butt irritation. Flamethrower Candy's Flaming Anus Chocolate Bar is intended for adults only and should be kept outreach of children and pets. This product contains high amounts of one of the world's hottest pepper and should be handled with caution.