Lucky Feather

Zodiac Necklace - Gold - Cancer


Delicate and stylish, this Cancer sign necklace complements jeans, business attire, and your little black cocktail dress.

The nickel-free zodiac necklaces feature an adjustable 16-18" cable necklace with a free-floating disc charm depicting your sign's constellation. Necklace is 14k gold dipped and fitted with crystal accent stones as stars.

CANCER, emotional and intuitive, has so much going on in its watery depths. Characterized by the crab and ruled by the moon make them practically psychic.

Delicate and stylish, this necklace complements casual clothing, business attire, or formal wear alike. Suitable for pre-teens and adults of all ages, the Nickel-free design is gentle and non-reactive on sensitive skin.

Featured zodiac sign constellation is Cancer: June 21st-July 22nd.

Adjustable 16”-18” cable necklace.
14K gold dipped charm.