Field Notes Brand

Field Notes - Tenth Anniversary - Special Edition


To celebrate Field Notes Brand’s tenth anniversary, the new 3-Pack features reproductions of three early versions of Field Notes. Perfect addition to the collection for any new or long-time Field Notes fan.

2002: “OLD RED”

This anniversary version is matte-foil-stamped in white on red Mohawk Carnival 90# cover stock with a “cordwain” texture, and features 32 blank Finch Opaque 60# body pages. with two staples and 1/4"-radius rounded corners.

This was a small notebook with a red-leather-textured hard cover that Field Notes creator Aaron Draplin customized with his Gocco desktop screen printing press, circa 2002. This was Aaron’s first use of the name “FIELD NOTES”. 


Aaron’s first printing (200 books!) of Field Notes were a bit taller and narrower, but otherwise pretty close to today’s Field Notes. They were hand-printed, hand-bound, and hand-numbered by Aaron himself in early 2005.

This reprint has been adjusted to the canonical 3.5" x 5.5" size, with a French “Speckletone Kraft” 100# cover, and 32 pages of simulated old-school graph paper printed on 60# Finch Opaque, with two staples and 1/4" rounded corners.


This “test batch” featured 32 pages and two staples. They had 1/4" radius round corners, future editions were all 3/8" except for a couple printings. This reprint is so close that they’re nearly impossible to tell apart from the originals. The specs are familiar now: 80# French Packing Brown Wrap covers, 60# Finch body with a light gray graph and our logo atop each page. Again, they’re one staple short, and the corners are not-quite-round-enough.

Set of Three 32 Page Memo Books.
3.5 x 5.5 inches.