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Mindful Crafts: Meditative Marbling Kit


Craft your way to calm with this all-levels kit designed to help you unwind and tap into the present moment through meditative marbling! 

Marbling is a great way to unplug and slow down by busying your hands and calming your mind. As you watch how different colors interact with one another, you’ll notice that each marbled creation is entirely unique and impossible to replicate, serving as a lovely reminder to stay present.

This kit includes one mixing tray, 12 paints, 20 sheets of paper, carrageenan powder and a measuring spoon, one stirring stick, a three-sided comb, and an instruction sheet with tips and tricks for marbling paper (and any other materials you may have at hand, such as fabric or wood). With this handy kit, you can simultaneously soothe anxious thoughts and create unique marbled designs cool enough to gift or display. (Kit includes twenty sheets of paper, but paints can be used for many more projects!)

6" x 8".