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Run, Run, Run!


Run, Run, Run! is a fun, fun, fun board book for on-the-go toddlers!

It's time to run a race like no other! Finish line? Winning? None of that matters here. Exploring is the goal! In this colorful board book by bestselling author-illustrator Taro Gomi, follow the racer as he runs far past the finish line and through fields, a farm, a forest, and more. Toddlers will delight in turning the pages to find out where he will run, run, run to next!

Ideal for fans of Taro Gomi and his popular children's books, including the classic Everyone Poops, My Friends, Little Truck, and Little Chicks, this board book combines irresistibly expressive artwork and energetic text to create a read-along story parents and kids will not walk but run to read again and again.

Not only do toddlers love to run—they love to run everywhere! This spirited board book gives little ones a glimpse of what it's like to run in cities, farms, forests, and more, letting them live out their dreams of running free with the whole world at their feet. It's the ultimate board book adventure!

It's a toddler's dream come true: running (and running) everywhere! The youngest readers will delight in exploring a variety of scenes and reveling in the little racer's ideal race.

This colorful, detail-rich board book is the perfect present for young ones just starting to walk and run. Not only will it inspire them, but it will help to redefine what winning means when experience is the goal! Great for baby shower, new baby, or child's birthday gift giving.

34 pages.
Recommended for ages 0-3yrs.