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Happy Puppy, Angry Tiger Book

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A little book about BIG feelings.

Help children understand their emotions, build empathy, and learn the words they need to express themselves.

Aah, the sloth is feeling relaxed. Wow! The panda is surprised. Sometimes the mouse feels sad. Every day brings a different set of emotions for us to recognize and process, but young children often have a hard time connecting their emotions with the words they need to describe them. Featuring animal characters that are associated with 24 different emotions, Happy Puppy, Angry Tiger helps toddlers develop empathy and compassion by connecting with their own emotional experiences. This book is an invaluable resource to start building emotional intelligence at an early age.

By Brad Petersen Illustrated by Betsy Petersen.
Published by Bala Kids.
24 Pages.
6.625" x 6.625".