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Spark Good Cheer

$7.77 $12.95

Kindle the holiday spirit! This new addition to the bestselling Spark series is a sweet way to spark seasonal joy for loved ones or yourself.

This is a gift that will make spirits bright. Inside the gilded matchbox are 50 faux matchsticks featuring prompts to light up your days with joy, love, and peace.

Slide open this shimmering box to reveal 50 decorative matchsticks, then pick one and follow the prompt for wintertime merry-making!

Full of heartwarming ways to celebrate the end of the year, cherish loved ones, and engage in traditions (or make up new ones), this is the gift of good cheer in a box. It's an excellent stocking stuffer or add-on gift for friends, family, party hosts, and coworkers.

With gold and shining metallic accents, this box looks like a wrapped present and sits perfectly alongside candles and cozy holiday décor.

Sample prompts:

• Undertake an all-day baking project.
• Buy a gift for a child in need.
• Turn off all the lights and have a meal by candlelight.
• Reflect on what you're grateful for this year.
• Host a holiday-themed scavenger hunt.